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How to Oil Your Hair Clipper Blades?

Your hair clipper is a piece of electronics. If you don’t take care of it, you will end up shortening its life span. Just like any machinery demands care and maintenance, your hair clipper is no different. If you leave it out for too long without proper maintenance, you will end up with a clipper with rusty blades. Such a piece of machinery is more likely to malfunction. Furthermore, without oiling, the rusted blades can cause injuries and serious infections. Oiling the hair clipper keeps it functional, running and in best of health. 


In short, oil your hair clipper blades. However, oiling your clipper blades requires a series of careful steps. This is not a high maintenance task so, don’t worry about doing it wrong. It just requires a basic knowledge of electronics and even if you have never touched electronics before, you can still oil your machinery pretty well. Just follow the steps given below. 


  1. Safety first! Before you even begin your oiling routine, please prioritize safety. Even the most attentive of us can get into accidents, and it always starts with the most basic stuff. For basic rules of safety, start with unplugging the hair clipper. Avoid oiling it near a wet place. 


  1. Take out your clipper’s manual. Different models have different builds. Yours might differ from the one displayed on Google’s first page. Better yet, get to know the exact number and model of your clipper and see its video. Visual cues are your best bet here. 


  1. If your clipper’s been collecting dust, then clean it thoroughly. Then, gently and with great care, detach the blades from the main body. 


  1. Clear the debris further. Your blades might have remnants of hair stuck in them. You can take a gentle toothbrush and give your blades a cleanup. A gentle blast of compressed air can also do the trick. A few people use their vacuum cleaner to suck in the little debris. Practice caution. The blades are sensitive andunnecessary force may result in dents or damage. You don’t want that. 


  1. Time for the oiling! This might be a tutorial on how to oil your hair clipper blades. However, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to one kind of oil. Oil itself is a lubricant. If you think the job can be done better with another lubricant, go for it. 


  1. Apply oil precisely. Apply at the front teeth and a few at the back edge. Pour some oil on the guide rails. Blades slide on the guide rail, so a bit of oil there smoothens the overall motion. 


  1. Reassemble the parts. Connect it all in the proper way and make sure there is no loose screw. Once everything is assembled and ready to work, you gotta run your hair clipper for ten seconds. This would make sure the oil you applied runs through all parts properly, making the oiling both external and internal. 


  1. Finishing touches are the only things remaining. Grab a soft cloth and rub off any dripping oil. You wouldn’t want to get oil or lubricant on your skin. And let the hair clipper dry out before you can start using it again. 



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