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The best electric foot callus removers for 2024 (Tried and Tested) - Part 1

Calluses are nasty patches of thick skin which develop after your skin experiences friction. One of the worst things about these calluses is that they can also grow on feet. Whether it is due to ill-fitting shoes, or an abnormal walking pattern, one thing is certain. They are incredibly uncomfortable, especially when they form on your feet. However, a good foot-care routine can help you get rid of them. 

When it comes to taking care of your feet, especially dealing with stubborn calluses, a reliable electric foot callus remover can make a significant difference. Here, we review three top-rated models that have been tried and tested for their efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Whether you're preparing for sandal season or just looking to maintain smooth, comfortable feet all year round, these tools might be just what you need.

1. Callus Remover - BCM-1138($39.99)

Priced at a sale price of $23.99 (regularly $39.99), the BCM-1138 offers excellent value, especially considering its advanced features. This device is fully waterproof (IPX6 rating), making it suitable for use in the shower—a convenient feature for those who prefer multi-tasking. It charges in just 2 hours and provides 45 minutes of use, which is ample time to tackle even the toughest calluses. The device operates at two speeds (1900/2200 RPM), allowing users to customize their treatment based on the thickness of their calluses. Additionally, its lightweight design (10.58 ounces) and compact dimensions (6.69 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches) make it easy to handle and store. It also comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring that any issues can be addressed promptly.

2. Callus Remover - BCM-1058($17.99)

The BCM-1058 is the most budget-friendly option at $17.99. It features a voltage of 220V and a power of 3W. This model is equipped with an illuminating LED to enhance visibility during use, making it easier to achieve precise results. The grinding head is removable, facilitating easy cleaning—an essential feature for maintaining hygiene. The device requires a longer charging time of 8 hours but is IPX5 waterproof, meaning it can withstand moisture but should not be submerged. It also comes with a variety of accessories, including a warranty card, instruction manual, cleaning brush, and two grinding heads (coarse and fine), enhancing its versatility for different skin types.

3. Foot Skin Callus Remover - M10($24.99)

At $24.99, the M10 model stands out with its vacuum absorption system that collects skin debris, providing a cleaner exfoliation experience. This device charges quickly via USB and is ready to use after just 3 hours, offering 40 minutes of continuous use. It comes with three diamond grinding heads, catering to different levels of callus coarseness. The design is modern and user-friendly, and although the body is not waterproof, the head is detachable for easy cleaning. The included cleaning sponge and brush help maintain the device after each use, ensuring durability and hygiene.

Final Thoughts 

Each of these electric foot callus removers has its unique features tailored to different needs and preferences. The foot callus remover BCM-1138 is ideal for those looking for a waterproof, high-speed option with a quick charging time. The foot callus removers BCM-1058 is suited for users who prioritize budget and require a visible treatment area, and the foot callus removers M10 is perfect for those who value cleanliness and quick usability with its vacuum system and quick charge feature.

Choosing the right callus remover depends largely on your specific requirements, such as the device's waterproof rating, speed settings, and additional features like LED lights or vacuum systems. Investing in a good quality callus remover can save you numerous trips to the spa and keep your feet smooth and soft without leaving home.

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